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Thursday, 07 May 2020 13:04

"Telecom Devices Pro" has presented a new catalog of Sockets and Switches

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"Telecom Devices Pro" has presented a new catalog of Sockets and Switches

The most important electrical elements in each apartment and house are sockets and switches.

Without them, it is impossible to imagine a single modern room designed for human life. If earlier the main requirement for the switches and sockets from the side of customers was uninterrupted operation, nowadays matching to the interiors design is becoming no less important aspect. And since the number of electrical appliances in each family has grown significantly, the load on the wiring, sockets and switches has seriously increased. Therefore, buyers are trying to find a balance between reasonable price, design and security. Sockets and Switches of IDevice were able to accommodate the best qualities that fully meet modern requirements.

Telecom Devices Pro LLC has presented a new catalog of Sockets and Switches. In the process of manufacturing Sockets and Switches, all the nuances and requirements of consumers were taken into consideration. “Home devices” are endowed with a body made of acrylic, as well as excellent appearance and excellent durability. 



                                                                      socket without grounding





three-key switch




Moreover, the Sockets and Switches come with a warranty of more than 10 years, which once again speaks of the use of exclusively high-quality materials. In the updated catalog, such innovations appeared as: Dimmer, Doorbell, Mix TEL + LAN, they will please those who were waiting for such new products on the shelves of the domestic market.



Dimmer IDevice



Doorbell socket 




                                                                         Mix Phone+Internet



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